The Law of Attraction – Thoughts, Body and Health

ccording to the law of attraction a persons body will respond to their thoughts. this is true if the thoughts are intentional or not. Negative, degenerate thoughts will cause the health to become diseased and fall prey to illness. If a persons thoughts are positive, happy and uplifting a persons health will become youthful and free from illness.

The law of attraction states that unhealthy thoughts will create a body and health that are unhealthy. It is known that thoughts of fear can kill a person slowly and rapidly. fear can produce hypertension, heart problems, stress, anxiety and a host of other conditions. If you have a deep rooted fear of getting a certain disease, the law of attraction will provide that disease for you. These negative, fear thoughts will produce anxiety and eventually destroy your nervous system allowing the illnesses and disease to manifest.

If your thoughts are positive, happy and uplifting the law of attraction will give you a body that is free from illness and disease. The body will respond to the thoughts you have and create the circumstance that will give you the health you desire or what you do not desire. It all depends on the type of thoughts you have.

You can change your diet for good health. This will only take you so far, without the happy, uplifting thoughts your health will soon slip back into the old ways. If you want to improve you need to watch your thoughts, eliminate the negative and create the positive thoughts.

We all know people who look 10, 20, 30 years older then their biological age. If you would probe the person about their thoughts, you would soon discover that the law of attraction is indeed at work with this person. We all also know or have heard the story of the person in their 90’s who drinks, eats somewhat poorly, but is a ray of sunshine when we are around them. The law of attraction has maintained this person because of their positive, happy thoughts.

The best medicine for anyone, are happy, positive, loving thoughts. I myself had a very bad disease when I was a teenager. I felt alone and after getting better for a short time then took a turn for the worst. A nice student nurse took notice of me and would come sit with me everyday and share her Gatorade. She was always happy and cheerful and I soon became the same, feeling the love pour from her. Within a couple days I was back on my feet and healthy again. To this day I wish I knew the name of that nurse, I would truly love to thank her for saving my life.

If we want to maintain our body and health, we need to find the good in everyone, not to talk badly of others, look at the positive in all that happens to us and maintain a good outlook in all situations. The law of attraction will respond in what may seem like miraculous ways and our body and health will benefit.

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