Sugar Diabetes – How Sugar Diabetes Can Destroy Your Body and Health

Sugar diabetes is a serious disease that can literally kill you. The illness affects every organ of the body and can leave you in a very sick condition. It is important to realize what high blood sugar does to the organs. A recent study showed that this disease ages your lungs. The lungs of a diabetic is being attacked by the glucose in the blood. A diabetic may start having trouble breathing as the poison glucose spreads. The kidneys are also deeply affected, the kidneys must work overtime trying to remove the sugar by making you urinate. This wears the kidneys out.

The body is fighting but is losing the battle. The person with high blood sugar may have a constant thirst. The excess poison in the blood causes the body to filter the water sugar through the kidneys and this causes frequent urinating which leaves you thirsty. There is an imbalance in the body; the body is becoming dehydrated as it tries to throw out the sugar diabetes. The body is sadly dying out.

Each day that the sugar is allowed to stay high is another day that the diabetic is losing time. This is where the diabetic usually turns to diabetes diet food. The spread of diabetes is sad. It is now the 5th largest killer in the USA. Diabetes has jumped from the number 7 killer illness to number 5 in only four years. What is needing to stop this is the right diet. The problem is that most diets try to balance blood sugar but never fix the pancreas which is not making insulin. Diets do not work long that do not fix the pancreas. There is some good news; a new type 2 diabetes diet by a filmmaker that has been healing people in an amazing way. This diet gives a normal blood sugar and heals the pancreas. This is a sugar diabetes diet that a diabetic needs urgently. If you are diabetic you have little time before the organs fail you, seek a healing diet now

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