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The Law of Attraction – Thoughts, Body and Health

ccording to the law of attraction a persons body will respond to their thoughts. this is true if the thoughts are intentional or not. Negative, degenerate thoughts will cause the health to become diseased and fall prey to illness. If a persons thoughts are positive, happy and uplifting a persons health will become youthful and free from illness.

The law of attraction states that unhealthy thoughts will create a body and health that are unhealthy. It is known that thoughts of fear can kill a person slowly and rapidly. fear can produce hypertension, heart problems, stress, anxiety and a host of other conditions. If you have a deep rooted fear of getting a certain disease, the law of attraction will provide that disease for you. These negative, fear thoughts will produce anxiety and eventually destroy your nervous system allowing the illnesses and disease to manifest.

If your thoughts are positive, happy and uplifting the law of attraction will give you a body that is free from illness and disease. The body will respond to the thoughts you have and create the circumstance that will give you the health you desire or what you do not desire. It all depends on the type of thoughts you have.

You can change your diet for good health. This will only take you so far, without the happy, uplifting thoughts your health will soon slip back into the old ways. If you want to improve you need to watch your thoughts, eliminate the negative and create the positive thoughts.

We all know people who look 10, 20, 30 years older then their biological age. If you would probe the person about their thoughts, you would soon discover that the law of attraction is indeed at work with this person. We all also know or have heard the story of the person in their 90’s who drinks, eats somewhat poorly, but is a ray of sunshine when we are around them. The law of attraction has maintained this person because of their positive, happy thoughts.

The best medicine for anyone, are happy, positive, loving thoughts. I myself had a very bad disease when I was a teenager. I felt alone and after getting better for a short time then took a turn for the worst. A nice student nurse took notice of me and would come sit with me everyday and share her Gatorade. She was always happy and cheerful and I soon became the same, feeling the love pour from her. Within a couple days I was back on my feet and healthy again. To this day I wish I knew the name of that nurse, I would truly love to thank her for saving my life.

If we want to maintain our body and health, we need to find the good in everyone, not to talk badly of others, look at the positive in all that happens to us and maintain a good outlook in all situations. The law of attraction will respond in what may seem like miraculous ways and our body and health will benefit.

Without This – You Never Get Your Perfect Body And Health

It starts in your head

All material things started with a thought that someone had. It doesn’t matter how crazy the thought sounded in the beginning, this is the way it started before it got form and came alive. If Henry Ford would have asked people how transportation could be improved before cars existed, he would get the answer that people would need faster horses. Nobody had the idea of replacing the horses with an engine. It all started with an idea, that very few believed in.

Someone had a thought and manifested into a thing. Did you know that you manifest the same way with what you are thinking about yourself and your body. If you think that you can never have that muscular body and health that you see others are having – you are right, it will never happen. But, if you think you can – you are well on your way. This is the power of thoughts.

Your life is formed by thoughts

As I mentioned, you do not only manifest things into your world, you also manifest your health, body and situations. You are the result of your thoughts that you have planted and nourished. If you want a better outcome you must plant better thoughts.

Every thought has a consequence. No thought can exist without affecting the outcome in some way. The thoughts you constantly keep in your head and what you talk about will create ripple effects on everyone around you. People are picking up on the energy of your thoughts. Good energy will reflect back to you with positive experiences and negative energy will reflect negative experiences back to you.

If you are not happy with what is going on around you, it’s time to think good, positive and nourishing thoughts about yourself.

What comes out of your mouth?

Start listening closely to what you are saying and talking about. The words you use and how you say it, has an enormous effect on yourself and others. Every word has energy, good or bad and has an effect on your life. Speak with loving words and you will find the same coming back to you.

If you are not happy with your current life, take a look at how you speak and what words you are using.

Change your future now. Your look, body, health and wealth depends on it.

This is the time to start watching your thoughts that you carry with you every day. The way you talk is also a reflection of how you think. Think good thoughts and speak loving words and you will see that this good energy will move out in the world creating not only good health, also wealth if that is what you desire.

Digestion! How Does It Affect Your Body And Health?

Everyone was born with a digestive system. Why would it affect my body or my health?

Nothing that complex about it, it’s just something like an auto pilot. Food comes in, gets digested, the stomach takes what it needs and what’s left over goes out again; just a simple everyday procedure. These are the workings of a normal healthy digestive system. Most people do not realize that 80 percent of the immune system is within the digestive track. The focal point here is, only with a healthy gut and only than optimal health is achievable. No matter what age, our digestive system is an important function in our body and health.

How does it all work?

According to research as high as eight out of ten people may have a digestive issue. Increasing food intolerance is by many ignored or gone unnoticed. Many health problems can come from bad or wrong intestinal bacteria, probiotics-I.E, healthy bacteria. The best and only option to get a good amount of probiotics is the right food; this will restore the body’s gut flora.

Many health issues as well as allergies usually come from poor gut health. The digestive system often is not performing the way it should and this can cause undigested food bacteria and metabolic wastes. The digestive track goes a long way down; the length of an entire digestive system starting from the mouth all the way down is about 30 feet or 9.1 metres long. That alone seems incredible and makes it even worse if something goes wrong with it.

Maintaining a healthy digestive system means a natural healthy diet, regular exercise, eating slowly, moderately and regularly, chewing food well and eating food rich in fibre.

Fibre plays an important part for healthy digestion. A fibre rich diet as high as 30 grams per day encourages passage of material through the digestive system.

How to get back a healthy gut?

Fermented food for a healthy gut has many health benefits and is the most powerful way to restore gut inflammation disorders.

The growing and continuous consumption of processed foods has dramatically altered our diet. The results from this over the years is prove of the rapidly increase of chronic health problems. We no longer receive traditional fermented foods in our every day diet which produces the natural culturing process that includes all the beneficial microbes we desperately need for our health. There is no medication as effective as fermented food to correct any digestive or bad gut conditions in its own way. It works as a detox agent to rid the body of a variety of toxins.

When choosing fermented food, don’t get this mixed up with any pasteurized version. Pasteurization will do just the opposite and destroys many of the natural occurring properties and does not correct any bad gut syndromes.

Many of these probiotic products contain added sugars, high fructose, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and colouring. These have no health benefits; most of them will only worsen your health.

Fermented food!

To ensure optimal gut flora regularly consume fermented food such as various fermentations of sauerkraut, cucumber, cabbage, squash, onions, eggplant, turnips, carrots etc. Introduce fermented vegetables to your diet gradually and slowly work your way up. Fermented vegetables are easy to prepare in your own kitchen and are most effective in getting good amounts of healthy probiotics in your meals. This will also improve your fibre intake and at the same time can lower the risk of developing many diseases including colorectal cancer which is often linked to bad digestion over long time.

Reduce the intake of processed food as much as possible; they generally have little nutrition or fibre and are known to contain large amounts of saturated fats.

Drink plenty of fluids especially filtered water, but make sure to never ever drink water with a hot meal; this would have a deadly effect on your digestive system.

Regardless of age you will notice changes in your gut; you will notice when positive changes occur as the intestinal bacteria ratio changes from bad to good and has gone back into a normal balance.

Digestive problems will disappear. The body will absorb good food and nutritional supplements better. The immune system becomes healthier and better equipped to fight off illness and diseases and your general health will improve.

What Young People Need to Know About Their Body and Health

No country can boast of an active workforce and healthy economy if her young people are unhealthy. The young people are the hope of any society. A nation has no future without the young people. So, any country that wants to move forward must take the health and well-being of her young people very seriously.

Teens have to understand that smoking cigarettes or any other substance is against their health. No wonder the manufacturers of these tobacco products, though they produced them in order to sell them to people, still warn that smokers are liable to die “young”. If you look at that warning you will find out that they never said that smokers may die old. Why? This is because young people are the most smokers and then most vulnerable to diseases that come as a result of smoking. Cigarette contains dangerous substances such as carbon monoxide and tar which are disastrous to young people’s health.

Alcoholism is another problem the young people have been and are still battling with worldwide. It’s quite disheartening that some of these young people don’t even know the health implications of alcohol addiction. Some people claim that alcohol addiction reduces stress and depression but I think that the reverse is the case because it actually increases stress, depression and caps it up with high blood pressure.

In the United States and in various parts of Europe including the United Kingdom, drug or substance abuse and addiction is very common among the young people. There have been reported cases of young people addicted to cocaine, and morphine. These teens need to understand that these drugs and substances are harmful to their health because many, many teens die every year as a result of drug abuse and addiction.

Youths are very adventurous set of people. Many of them normally have sex routinely though they are not married thus exposing themselves to sexually transmitted diseases and infections. They need to know that they have to abstain from sexual intercourse until they get married or use condom, after all HIV/AIDS is still very real. They should take their sexual and reproductive health very seriously.

Engaging in physical activity or exercise is another thing the youths should place among their major life habits. They should get exercise at least 5 times every week. One hour each day is strongly recommended for teens.

The eating habit of young people is one of the most important aspects of their lives they have to watch. All these processed, junk and fast foods can lead to several problems. Teenagers need to eat more and more balanced diets. Many kids in the United States and the United Kingdom are either overweight or obese. And obesity is a medical problem that leads to other more complicated health problems.

Teenagers have to take proper care of their teeth. It is highly recommended that they should brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash after every meal or at least twice a day, that is after breakfast and before retiring at night in order to avoid tooth decay and mouth problems.

These are just some of the numerous things you need to know about your body and health if you are young but if you are not a young person you have a teen around you so you also need to know about these health issues. The health of our society depends on the health of our youths.

Sugar Diabetes – How Sugar Diabetes Can Destroy Your Body and Health

Sugar diabetes is a serious disease that can literally kill you. The illness affects every organ of the body and can leave you in a very sick condition. It is important to realize what high blood sugar does to the organs. A recent study showed that this disease ages your lungs. The lungs of a diabetic is being attacked by the glucose in the blood. A diabetic may start having trouble breathing as the poison glucose spreads. The kidneys are also deeply affected, the kidneys must work overtime trying to remove the sugar by making you urinate. This wears the kidneys out.

The body is fighting but is losing the battle. The person with high blood sugar may have a constant thirst. The excess poison in the blood causes the body to filter the water sugar through the kidneys and this causes frequent urinating which leaves you thirsty. There is an imbalance in the body; the body is becoming dehydrated as it tries to throw out the sugar diabetes. The body is sadly dying out.

Each day that the sugar is allowed to stay high is another day that the diabetic is losing time. This is where the diabetic usually turns to diabetes diet food. The spread of diabetes is sad. It is now the 5th largest killer in the USA. Diabetes has jumped from the number 7 killer illness to number 5 in only four years. What is needing to stop this is the right diet. The problem is that most diets try to balance blood sugar but never fix the pancreas which is not making insulin. Diets do not work long that do not fix the pancreas. There is some good news; a new type 2 diabetes diet by a filmmaker that has been healing people in an amazing way. This diet gives a normal blood sugar and heals the pancreas. This is a sugar diabetes diet that a diabetic needs urgently. If you are diabetic you have little time before the organs fail you, seek a healing diet now